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HOKA Bondi 8 Review

The Basics

With the creation of the Bondi 8 HOKA took cushion to new heights. By redesigning the bottom they were able to make the Bondi 8 more durable than the previous adaptations. The meta- rocker makes an appearance again helping the wearer move quickly from heel to toe. The Bondi 8 offers a new look from its previous model with an extended heel with billowed grooves making for a more smooth transition. “The HOKA Bondi 8 improved on that already amazing comfort and completely changed the game” Carol says.

Bondi 8 vs Bondi 7

Some major changes between the Bondi 8 and Bondi 7 are in the midsole, width and durability. The Bondi 8 offers not only more cushion, but it's more responsive in each step than the Bondi 7. The durability in the Bondi 8 surpasses the Bondi 7 and ,with a wider bottom, it offers increased stability.


Weight: 10.80oz

Heel-To-Toe Drop: 4.00mm

Volume: 842.00cm

Spring Measurement: 37x25mm

Stability: Neutral Cushion: Plush

Reason to use

Everyday Running Walking


Recycled mesh upper Ortholite hybrid liner Lightweight Bottom MetaRocker


Pros vs Cons


  • Smoother use of the meta- rocker

  • Roomier toe box

  • Softer but more durable foam bottom

  • Beveled lines add shock absorption

  • Tongue being half-sewn minimizes slippage

  • Increased sole grip for better traction


  • Bulkier feel

  • A bit heavier from its predecessor

  • Redesigned midsole’s stiff edge can hit under the arch

What’s the HOKA Bondi 8 perfect for?

With the Bondi 8’s plush cushion and smooth glide it’s perfect for long runs, walks and best for the work day.

Is it worth the switch?

Coming from the Bondi 7 you’ll notice slight differences one being the cut of the midsole. If you felt like you were walking on pillows when stepping into the Bondi 7, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds when you take those first steps in the Bondi 8. The plush cushion and more stable midsole is definitely worth the switch.

Is this best for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, with the Bondi 8 offering maximum cushion throughout its entire sole along with the cut of the arch and its impact reducing meta-rocker this would be a perfect shoe to combat plantar fasciitis.

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