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Men's Riomar


      We design for those who demand more. Every detail serves a purpose.

      From our waterproof leathers, to our breathable odorless lining, antimicrobial insoles and our non-slip, non-marking, outsoles.

      Riomar is the new standard in footwear, pioneering versatility through innovation.

      Change Your Bearings, Not Your Sole; that’s our ethos.

      Our design allows you to easily change the look or color on your Riomar shoes through an endless variety of Bearings that compliment any style or look. We offer custom embroidered designs and patterns in your favorite colors.
      The bearings are made from 304 stainless steel and the threaded pin design allows for a quick change on the same pair of shoes, or to other Riomar® models. This feature gives you a tangible advantage not only to live creatively day to day, but also, save valuable space on board a boat or in your carry on luggage.


      Beach, Boat to Boardroom; Riomar is comfort, versatility, and style, for today’s ever changing world.

      Men's Riomar