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Orleans shoe in metairie can help with heel pain, foot pain, plantar fasciitis and foot problems. Birkenstock, Hoka, On running, new balance, asics, and arch supports.

Men's Birkenstock

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      Birkenstock is a German shoe brand that offers beautiful hand-crafted sandals. These sandals are created to support all 3 arches on the bottom of your feet. Birkenstocks have the ability to aid in the healing of common foot problems by coming equipped with an orthopedic insole that offers both stability and cushioning for your feet that can avert problems such as calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, and foot pain while still giving a fashionable look.

      Birkenstock footwear has become a sensation and wardrobe staple in many a closet, and for good reason. The brand prides itself on high-quality, comfortable footwear that is flexible enough to mold to the wearer's feet while remaining rigid enough to provide support. With many styles to choose from, Birkenstock offers a versatile footwear solution for everyone. Orleans Shoe Co. is proud to have men's Birkenstock footwear in store for all of our Louisiana locals!

      The history behind Birkenstock footwear

      The Birkenstock brand dates back all the way to 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock began working as a cobbler. His skills were passed down through generations of cobblers aiming to perfect the flexible insole and contoured arch support that the Birkenstock brand has always been known for. For over 50 years, Birkenstock has been producing high-quality shoes in the United States, making a name for itself for its uniquely comfortable and stylish shoes.

      It all started with the brand's famous footbeds, which prioritize comfort and functionality first and foremost. The Birkenstock brand originally started out selling arch support inserts before creating their classic shoes. Now, the brand is a leader in shoe comfort with their unique footbed technology that uses cork and latex to support the foot with every step.

      The technology of Birkenstock footwear

      Since the origin of Birkenstock, the brand has always defined itself by its footbed. With comfortable and flexible arch support made from cork and latex, the Birkenstock footbed is highly shock-absorbing. This relieves your feet of pressure and creates a comfortable foot climate. The cork and latex footbed is surrounded by jute on the bottom and sides, which increases durability and provides stability to the footbed. All Birkenstock footbeds are lined with suede designed to absorb moisture and leave your feet dry and comfortable.

      Softbed versions of the Birkenstock come with an additional foam layer for added comfort designed to prevent tired feet. Whether you're on your feet all day at work or walking around town, Birkenstocks are designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. Since Birkenstock's are engineered for support, the brand offers two widths for optimal comfort. 

      Why do I need Birkenstock footwear?

      Birkenstock shoes are reliable, stylish, and timeless. They are great for a wide variety of situations and go well with a range of outfits and events. Birkenstock makes a perfect staple piece for your wardrobe and comes in a number of stylish selections. Consider Birkenstock sandals for comfortable, all-day footwear during the summer months, Birkenstock boots for a classy dressed-up look, or Birkenstock low-tops for a casual day with friends.

      The Birkenstock men's line of footwear comes in a surprisingly large range of styles, all with the iconic Birkenstock footbed. Birkenstock's professional line is perfect for those who work in high-impact industries like healthcare and retail, who may be on their feet for long periods of time. Whether you're headed to the beach, the office, the club, working long hours on the move, or hanging with friends, you're sure to find the perfect shoe. 

      Interested in getting a pair of Birkenstock footwear? Come visit us today!

      If you're ready to find the right Birkenstock shoes for you, come visit us at Orleans Shoe Co. today! We offer a wide range of comfortable brands designed to help your feet feel great. Locally owned and operated for over 20 years, our team works hard to help our customers find the perfect fit for their unique foot needs, lifestyle, and personal fashion. Check out our locations page to find the nearest location to you to receive one-on-one fittings, measurements, and foot impressions to find your perfect shoe. 

      Questions? Contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to answer your inquiries about shoes, our stores, and any other questions about our business.


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