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Naot shoes and boots arch support dress shoes and sandals

Mens Naot


      We call them shoes of peace, each pair is a product of collaboration.  Crafted by hand through the combined efforts of people from different cultures and backgrounds, Naot shoes are ethically made using sustainable methods with materials of the highest quality. Fine Italian leathers and our signature insoles combined with advanced designs, make for an unparalleled combination of quality, fashion and comfort.

      Naot’s uniquely engineered insoles are made of natural cork and latex and lined with a supple suede lining, creating a flexible and shock absorbing base of superior support that is designed to replicate the shape of one’s foot, much like a footprint left behind in the sand.  Your feet work too hard… Allow them to soak in the oasis that is a pair of Naot.

      TUK Unisex Men's Size Chart

      Mens Naot