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      The original is also the most extraordinary. At the heart of every Birkenstock sandal, clog, boot and shoe is the footbed that started it all. That’s right, Birkenstock invented the contoured footbed, introducing the concept in the 1930s for anatomically shaped insoles with incredible support. Since then, many have tried to copy the idea, but there is only one that can proudly bear the Birkenstock name.

      Birkenstock footwear is a top footwear brand that combines natural style with superior comfort thanks to their specialized footbeds made of comfortable materials. Each pair of Birkenstock shoes is outfitted with flexible footbed insoles that provide arch support while allowing them to adjust to your unique feet. With so many styles to choose from, Birkenstock footwear is truly designed for every occasion. See what Orleans Shoe Co. has in stock for you today!

      The Story Behind Birkenstock Footwear

      From the very beginning, Birkenstock has prided itself in creating comfortable footwear. While the brand goes all the way back to the 1770s, it was in 1896 that Birkenstock began selling its first flexible footbed insoles. From there, Birkenstock became a leader in comfortable insoles, developing the first contoured arch support. The brand went on to be endorsed by foot specialists and doctors for its flexible arch support and superior comfort. For over 50 years, Birkenstock has been providing its comfortable and stylish footwear to United States customers.

      How Birkenstock Footwear Is Made

      Birkenstock shoes are made by focusing on the technology that has defined the company since the beginning: comfortable, supportive footbeds made of premium materials. Every pair of Birkenstocks starts with a layer of jute to stabilize the footbed. Then, a layer of cork and latex is installed to help absorb shock and relieve pressure on the feet. These natural materials help to insulate feet from both hot and cold weather. Another layer of jute is added to the sides of the footbed to add arch support. All pairs are then finished with a soft layer of suede designed to wick away moisture to provide feet with optimal comfort and dryness in all types of weather.

      Because Birkenstock is dedicated to providing proper support to all shoe sizes and shapes, its classic footbed comes in two-width styles across all shoe sizes. Its Medium/Narrow styles fit the majority of women's feet, while its Regular/Wide styles are designed to provide extra room for wide or flat feet. Additionally, some women find the Regular/Wide width to be more comfortable for certain thong styles regardless of foot shape.

      Why should I buy Birkenstock footwear?

      While famous for its sandals, Birkenstock offers a huge selection of shoe styles for every occasion. All types are made with comfortable, supportive footbeds, so you'll never leave the house in uncomfortable shoes. Whether you're looking for a stylish sandal for a night out with friends or something more practical for work, Birkenstock has you covered. Birkenstock even offers a professional line of footwear designed with high-impact jobs like healthcare and hospitality in mind. Enjoy the classic comfort of Birkenstock footbeds combined with anti-slip and fluid-resistant materials.

      Birkenstock shoes come in a large selection of styles and colors, allowing you to have the right pair for every occasion. Never compromise between style and comfort, as all pairs of Birkenstock’s come with their classic, comfortable footbeds.

      Interested in picking up a pair of Birkenstock footwear? Come in today!

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