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Women's Jafa

Women's Jafa

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      In a sea of mass-produced footwear, JAFA is a leader in excellence, authenticity and rarity. Each new collection is meticulously designed and crafted from buttery soft, hand burnished leather, where ancient cobbler crafts meet the demands of modern life, wrapping the foot in superior comfort. Each seasonal collection is tailor-made for an exclusive selection of trusted shoe merchants who share a deep appreciation of the cobbler trade. 


      The lure of the JAFA brand is irresistible to women who prefer to take the road less traveled; individualists looking for a unique piece, an unexpected finish to their distinctive look. It’s that giddy moment when she discovers a pair that says, “this is me”.


      The force behind JAFA is founder and CEO, Karen Crivelli, who was all too familiar with the exasperating choice between painful but stylish shoes or dreary comfort. In 2010, Karen partnered with a team of designers and master craftsmen, infused her own creativity and JAFA was born.

      Women's Jafa