We've heard it 1,000 times...

"Do you have any white shoes for women?"

The answer is yes, and quite the variety! 

When our buying team heads to market twice a year, those needs are exactly what we are trying to meet. Last summer, it was very obvious that white shoes, whether casual or dress, were either nonexistent or too hard to find. We hand picked this selection in August of 2019 (yes, we really have to go buying almost a year in advance) to fill that void in your shoe collection. We've got a little bit of everything in this capsule. From the world famous Birkenstock, to one of our newest lines, Biza. All options being comfortable and supportive.

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Qiana by L'Amour Des PiedsChunky Arizona by BirkenstockModena by JambuDordogne by L'Amour Des PiedsMaddison by Biza